View Full Version : Landscaping, some leads please...

11-21-2006, 12:53 AM
Hi, I am about to start on my largets Lightwave project yet, and I feel I have most of the tools and know-how needed.

One visual element that will play an important role is the landscape in the background, consisting of mountains, trees, plants and so on.

An application that has been mentioned is Vue, but apart from Vues own pages there`s little information to be found, anoyne here with experience? What is the workflow for instance?, Do I make my landscapes in Vue and then import into layout - and if so do they import well?

And what version of Vue would I need Vue: easel, espirit, pro-studio, infinitie or x-tream (why would they make 5 versions anyhow?)...

Or is there a BETTER way. one in which one doesn´t have to leave Lightwave... Anyone have a tip or two for some great tutorials on landscaping in Lightwave?