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11-16-2006, 06:48 PM
I have been editing with this set up since 2003. I purchased it new. Now I have a problem that I have thought that some day this would happen but never thought it would be today.
As far as I know I think my mother board is gone on this system. It does not want to boot up at all. Nothing on the monitors, the floppy light doesn't come on nor does the DVD player/recorder.
The Mother board is an I Will Model DP 533-S The company that sold me this unit says that I can replace it with the same mother board and I could leave everything else in hardware and software the same. If I would upgrade to like a Super Micro....... I would have to change a lot of things and end up spending money that I don't have right now.
I was wondering first of all if anyone had an I Will Mother Board DP533-S and if it was new or used and still in good working order??? I will take any suggestions. I am not an expert on working on computers. I can do some things but the real technical stuff I'm not sure if I could handle it or not.
So if someone out their reads this and has some advice, I would love a response. I am falling behind on my work and I can't afford to waste to much more time dinking around. Thanks
Jim At Video On Q Productions
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08-06-2008, 06:15 PM
It has been awhile since this post was put up but this may help others who may have the same problem. Just a note I have had this happen with a Digital Sentry DVR I had. Thought the whole motherboard went belly up. Might want to pull all your cards and reseat them. I had the motherboard come back up once I did that. I have had some different video appliances from the Play Blue Cube to DSP Velocity, to the Video Toaster. I have a current IWILL DP 533-S also but still working and using. Reseating the boards clears up alot of problems. :thumbsup:

PS: What memory are you using with the motherboard??