View Full Version : LW6.5B text field problem under Win XP Home

02-18-2003, 08:14 PM
Dear LW Community support,

I have just installed LW6.5B (sigh, still using this version) into my new Dell inspiron 8200 notebook with Ati mobility Radeon 9000 Graphic Card.

Everything looks fine, But there were 2 problems.

1)It seems that the text/numeric entry field's background are in white, thus I cant see the content in the entry fields.
is this a problem running under win xp or there is a setting in windows are have to change etc.

2) since my notebook allows a resolution of 1600X1200., and when i launch Layout and click on "Maximize" button, the layouts view blanks although the menus and buttons are still intact and the layout will crash.
And it works fine if i just drag the window to maximzie it rather than clicking on the maximize button.

Anyone came across tis same problem.

Rey Saw

02-18-2003, 09:01 PM
1) The white fields you are seeing are caused by having Multi-language support enabled for Windows.

2)Your card may be able to support such a high resolution but can it run OpenGL properly as well at that res. Try enabling one of the stock 3D screen savers and see if your machine still locks up. If it does then you may want to try lower settings. Try alternating Refresh rates to see if you can leave the res high and also try lower color depth.

If your machine does not lock up then try moving the configuration files for LightWave to your Recycle bin to see if the program starts up and works normally. If this works then it was just bad configs, remember to rescan your plugin folder from the Edit Plugins Menu...

If you are still having trouble disable the Hub. Create two short-cuts (one for the Modeler and one for the Layout) right-click on one of these and go to properties. Look for the Target field. Go to the end of the "*.exe" and put a SPACE and enter a value of -0 (minus zero). APPLY this change and close the panel. Try the shortcut and see if the program works properly. If it does then there may be some conflict with the Hub which uses TCP/IP to push info from the Modeler to the Layout.

If none of this works contact the tech department at NewTek:
[email protected]

Also keep in mind that WinXP did not exist when LW6.x was created and that all parties involved from NewTek to Microsoft to the folks that wrote the drivers for your graphics card may not all be on the same page in what functions they are using and how they are using them.


02-18-2003, 09:19 PM
Thanks Judas,

I'll go through your suggestions and see how it comes out.

The layout worked fine on a 1280 X 1024 res.

just have to see how it goes and stick to the best method.