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11-10-2006, 06:39 PM

As it was presented on other TrueHair videos, TrueHair keeps hair guides in the standard LightWave Catmull-Rom curves. But Layout doesn't display curves, therefore special tool for showing hairs had to be written. You can see it in action, together with hair guides and hairs morphed by displacement plug-in Motion Mixer in the below video:

TrueHair hair generator first analizes layer where it has been activated, and if it finds any matching hair guides, virtual hair guides are generated. True hair will be generated arround virtual hair guides. Such workflow allow using the smallest possible point count to handle really big number of hairs in rendered image. In competitive hair solutions for LW, true hair guides made from 2 point poly chain are direct source for generation hairs, therefore if you want to use morph, really big number of points must be moved to the right positions, and maintaining this might be real pain.. In TrueHair that has hair guides in splines all the time from modeling to rendering, this problem is not visible or much less visible.. In the attached video there was total 32 points used to control the all hair guides that are morphed..

Hair randomness, and other neat features making hairs looking more natural and less fabric will be added soon. This video is mostly for showing that TrueHair Layout OpenGL display can have user adjustable quality & density, that does not make it unreadable by putting too many hair guides at the same time on screen. And for showing how hair guides can be modified by displacement plug-in (f.e. TrueHair collision & gravity displacement, motion mixer or anything else).

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11-11-2006, 04:22 AM
looking good