View Full Version : Node Editor Problems On Mac

11-10-2006, 06:24 PM
Today I started diving into using the Node Editor. I've found several issues and have a few questions about how the NE works. The biggest problem is that after working for an hour or so and saving both the scene and the objects, the existing connections cannot be undone and new ones cannot be made either. Clicking and dragging on the connection does nothing and clicking and dragging on a new or detached node does nothing. Closing the scene and reloading it doesn't help and neither does restarting Lightwave. I looked to see if anyone else has had this problem, but didn't find anything like this. (did find other similar issues, but not this one) This problem has happened a few times with older scenes and one created today. The Mac I'm using is a G4 Laptop with OS 10.4.8 The version of LW is 9.0 build 998 from July 10.

My questions:

Do we need to always use a Bump Layer as a 'pass-through' for values coming from a 2 or 3d shader going into the Bump of a surface? is there a way to skip that step as connecting the color directly won't work?

Is it normal for some effects to go both up and downstream through the node network?
Another problem I've found is that selecting multiple objects or bones by shift-clicking on them in the schematic view results in wierdness: after making a multiple selection, I can't release it. For instance if I want to select three objects by shift clicking, I cannot later select only one object. This bug is serious; LW is useless in this state.

When I get back to my PC, I'll load the scene with the nodes from the Mac and see if the same things happen.