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11-09-2006, 05:42 PM

I'm now learning lightwave since 3 months, actually picked it up again after 3 years. I'm now looking for a new computer system, but there is one big question, still unanwsered... What's the main importance of a videocard when using lightwave? I think it's displaying while animating, or modelling and that the cpu takes the rendering on him? It might sound stupid what i'm telling :d so please post some of your reactions :d the new pc that i wanne buy here in the far Belgium:

PC2-5300 - 1 GBx2 - DDR2
INTEL Core2Duo E6400 (S775 - 1066MHz - 2x1 MB)2,13
ASUS P5B (800 MHz i965 - ATX - S775)
XFX 7900 GT - 256 MB - PCIe

What are the possibilities of this system? Or what can I reach with this system and lightwave?

Thanks in advance!

11-09-2006, 06:32 PM
You're exactly right, the video card is for workflow, the cpu for rendering.
Although the CPU also takes care of dynamics.

Be certain to buy good quality memory. Systems are very memory sensitive these days. That systems look s good to me, but I dont know what you're going to do more, heavy poly objects and animating and modeling, or lots of rendering...

11-09-2006, 06:48 PM
that specificication looks cool enough...
the possibilities are endless, depends on you :D
all my works was done in system that lower of your specs....much lower...:)

11-10-2006, 04:26 AM
I too would say that one of the very avesome aspects of LW is what can be accomplished on very limited rigs ... With the next release of modeler though, a decent graphics card is a clear advantage, but a 7600GT is plenty. I would probably have gone higher in processor and lower in graphics myself, but then it does depend on what work you have in mind ... If you are mainly going to work with 500 000-1 000 000 models, it'd be opposite. Most people new to 3D don't do a lot of very high poly scenes, and then its the F9 button you are waiting for, not the viewport update.

If you are building your own computer, research the parts before you buy -- particularly the motherboard. The instructions that follow with a motherboard aint always good, and a certain board might need a particular version of a driver or bios to act nice - and it aint necessarily the very freshest one ... Big tech forums usually have readymade or big threads that works as guides for popular motherboards.

Also, search for the exact memory you have in mind together with P5B -- if you can find someone listing that combination as working, you know it aint directly incompatible ... I buy brand memory a few steps above the cheapest stuff, there's often a wide range between the lowest and the second lowest offering, like 50% of the latency range between worst and best. The expensive stuff generally aint worth it in 3D compared to spending on processor or graphics IMO, it'll mainly give you an advantage with giant scenes with enourmous textures, while for raytracing and GI memory of twice the price could mean but a few percentage points ... Also, latency (low cas) is often better than bandwidth (high fsb or PCXXXX number). Low latency is good for "city driving", you don't get to use that high top speed much when you are driving around in a render of Naples so to say ...

11-10-2006, 12:48 PM
Ok thanks everyone for this reactions! I'll probably go for the 7600 then and a E6600 cpu wich has 4mb of cach instead of 2mb. Or maybe waiting for the Quadcore,,, i heard there are going to be massive pricedrops in a few weeks? any ideas anyone?

Praise F9