View Full Version : How to extend the edges of UV's on an image?

11-09-2006, 09:08 AM

while generating normal maps for an object, i always find myself with some jagged lines and artefacts.

Best way to avid that: generate a bigger map, blur / resize down,renormalize the map and everything is smooth and nice.

the only problem is on discontinuous uv's, if i blur the image, the color of the "blank" spaces gets in and ruins the normal.
right now i use the rubber stamp to extend the edges a few pixels so my blur isnt defective anymore.

the easy way around that is using tangent space, there i only have to fill all the blank with the bluish color and all is good, but in object space, every side of the polys has different hues.
The padding options of the normal mappers i use can help only half of the time.

my question is: is there a trick, a plugin, anything, to extend the color of the pixels around a region on the texture?

p.s. i know about microwave but am at this time unable to fork $500 usd over for it.