View Full Version : Need cloth dynamic help!

11-08-2006, 10:45 PM
I'm just passing beginner stage here, getting into dynamics - havin' a blast!

I do have a problem though:
I'm working with a collision object and a piece of cloth. The cloth is fixed on all four sides. The C object has an irregular shape with a flat front. The effect I'm looking for would be like something pressing on a piece of lycra stretched over a frame. In other words, I want to see pretty clearly the shape of the object pressing on the "cloth".

I can't seem to get the cloth to have a tight fit around the face of the C object. I want a tight fit - flat across the face and a (fairly) true representation of the irregular borders. What I'm getting is a kind of bulbous effect. I've tried so many setting combinations, I'm dizzy.
FYI: (for some reason I think these are important) I have the collision Radius/Level and the cloth Collision Offset very low. Thought that would make for a tight fit.

What have I missed?

Also - once the object presses out, I want it to increase in size/rotate etc.
So morph targets (for me at least) seem like a much more complicated way to go. I would love the cloth to just react to the changes. Is that possible?

Thanks - JoePoe