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11-07-2006, 03:03 AM
Open Beta program access:
If you are qualified for the Open Beta program and do not see the LightWave v9.2 Open Beta banner when you login to http://register.newtek.com, please contact Customer Service for your area for further assistance.

Serial numbers and license keys:
If you do not receive the email with your open beta serial number, please check your My Products page on http://register.newtek.com. It should automatically be posted there as well. If you do not receive the email and you so not see the number on your My Products page, please contact Customer Service for your area for further assistance.

The Open Beta software is a ZIP file you extract to your hard drive. There is no installer at this time. The ZIP should not be used to overwrite your existing LightWave v9(.0) folder.

Full documentation for the LightWave v9.2 Open Beta will be provided through links in the LightWave Open Beta forums.

Configuration files:
The Open Beta does not create version-specific configuration files. To avoid overwriting your LightWave v9(.0) configuration files, use the " -c" method in the Target line of your LightWave v9.2 Open Beta program shortcuts properties to direct your configuration files for the Open Beta to be created in a specified folder you define.

Example (where C: is the drive where the program is located):
C:\[Path to exectuable] -cC:\[Path to configuration file folder]

Forums access:
The Open Beta forums are now open. Please try this link while you are logged-in to the forums.

If you cannot reach this link yet, people are being added as fast as possible. Applicants are being added continuously from 9am-6pm CST M-F, but this is a process that takes time. If you are not able to reach the link within 2 business days and do not receive an email asking for updated information, please contact Customer Service for your area for further assistance.

While you are waiting, please be sure to check your email and spam filters. If someone cannot be added, they will be emailed for more information so they can be.

Non Disclosure Agreement:
Per the terms of the NDA you agreed to when applying for the program, please do not discuss any issues or questions with the operation of the Open Beta software outside of the private LightWave Open Beta forums. If you do not yet have access to these forums, please wait until you do.

Technical Support:
Please do not contact Tech Support about the Open Beta. They will not be able to assist you. Technical Support for the Open Beta program is provided through the private LightWave Open Beta forums.

11-07-2006, 11:46 AM
There is one thing each of you can do to help speed the process of adding you to the open beta forums. If you have not filled out the Real Name field in your profile, please do so.

If your registration email address doesn't match your forums email address, and your forums profile contains no personal information, it's almost impossible to verify that the forums ID provided is the same as the forums ID we find, especially since someone without an account may just enter a name they'd like to have, but which already belongs to someone else.