View Full Version : EasySpline UnFreeze Spline & Set Priority Map videos

11-05-2006, 06:28 AM

We just made two new videos showing:

- sometimes after freezing the whole spline cage at once, polygons are made inside of geometry because 3 or 4 splines make proper patch but in unwanted place. To fix such annoying areas or quickly making holes in object, without having to manually selecting polygons, which sometimes can be difficult for curved surface, we made special interactive tool UnFreeze Spline. It requires selecting 3 or more splines and every patch that would be normally made from them is found in true geometry and deleted.

- how EasySpline handles triangle spline patches. In traditional spline modeling polygon flow in triangle spline patch is changed by selecting splines in right order and pressing Patch or Auto Patcher. In EasySpline that has real-time previewer something stable and reliable had to be done- special weight map with name EasySpline PriorityMap that defines which point has the highest priority over other points in patch. Select point, press Set Priority Map and it receives the highest value from the whole layer, and polygons goes into that point smoothly and ends with triangle.

Best Regards!