View Full Version : Network rendering, over the Internet?

06-12-2003, 11:10 AM

I had a work around about this that I posted in cgchannel, but
its not a true internet rendering solution.

I hope that in lightwave 8, they address this feature. (make it easier to setup.)

I think it was called stealth net. But I never could get it to work, right.

Anybody have some tips?


06-12-2003, 12:05 PM
I just use Amleto, it works well for me. I think if you had lots of clients though it would start to get a little messy.

06-12-2003, 01:19 PM
DId a search on google, got thier home page. Looks interesting.
Gonna download the trial and test it out.
IF iit does all it says it does, Newtek should consider buying them up, like they bought the worley stuff.

You mentioned to keep the nodes down,
what down to like what 20, 10?
how was your experience with this product.

Is it a front end for STealth net?

Any one else figure this out.


p.s here is some stuff I wrote about vnc.

I've done this.

It's not real Internet rendering, but for your situation, this will work.

Goto google and look for winvnc, There is also a java version if you have a mac.

Install in on all of your computers at home. There is a setting for the firewall,
provided you have one....Linksys? You will have to set your
linksys to static ip, and port forward the winvnc port. You will also have to set your ip address for each machine. You can use , etc. Also set your gateway as your linksys, ussually. If you lose internet, you have to set your dns, Which you set via in the same network control panel. Get the settings from your Linksys status page.

The winvnc control panel. You will then set each winvnc Server (one on each machine) with a different identifier number. 1..2...3. SEtup user names and passwords. (more on pw later) When you log into your machine from the internet, using the winvnc client You would put in a :1 or :2
after your wan ip address.

Before you leave for work, check your wan ip address. This is located by going
to ipchicken.com or going to the linksys router page, and checking status.
THe wan ip is clearly marked.

If you have good Internet speed, you can take control of your computer and administer lightnet from anywhere.

Make sure to use a good password with numbers in it, i.e. fgsuapwwal6letters.
for goodness sake us a password with at least 6 letters and numbers. Use
of an acronym will help you remember. Is5si2omd I saw 5 sheep in 2 of my dreams.

I use vnc all the time, its free. For mac, timbuktu, or applenetwork assisant, works great, but not free.

This isn't as good as maybe something like stealth net, where you can set up jobs
over the internet. (I think that what it does) But for a closed system where you own the cpus, vnc works fine.

If anyone has ideas how to setup something like that, I have 5 friends who have cable modems, that want to do a project, if we all set up our machines, thats a 5 node render farm. If everyone in, lets say a close user group does that....The possibilites are interesting.