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06-12-2003, 06:06 AM
- Issue 1 -

When importing a LW exported SW3D file into Macromedia Director (and using havok), i have to do this to get the right rotation / size :

myModel = member("SW3D").model("LWmod").transform.position
myModel = vector(myModel.x/100,myModel.z/100,myModel.y/100)
myRot = member("SW3D").model("LWmod").transform.rotation
myRot = vector(0,90,0)

A bit silly if you ask me... shouldnt it be fixed? Its more difficult to work with rotation transformations in Shockwave when the depth axis is z and not y.

Perhaps have it as a checkbox toggle on export?

- Issue 2 -

"Support" for havok? What about the possibility of having ready made shockwave and projector files from NewTek, with the possiblity of using external xml documents to describe what W3D file(s) to use, and what to do with the models.

i.e. make a car sim module (dir,dcr and exe files) where you inside an xml doc say what models are the wheels, what model is the actual car, ground model, and obstacles ( both movable and fixed ). And also give weight and friction attributes to them. No need to be a Director programmer to get your 3D models out and interactive.

I refer to this all the time, but what the heck, ill do it again :)
(use arrowkeys to steer)

I would like to make this a Load-Your-W3D-From-LightWave-Into-Shockwave module as described above, but perhaps NewTek could make a nice little collection of them? Flying vehicles module, character walking module, draggable objects module.. or perhaps even better, "NewTek's Realtime Word" with all the options available in one .dir / .dcr / .exe file

<w3d filePath="myFolder/myW3Dfile.w3d"></w3d>
<car model="car_body" kgMass="1500"></car>
<front_left_wheel model="flw"></front_left_wheel>
<front_right_wheel model="flw"></front_right_wheel>
<rear_left_wheel model="flw"></rear_left_wheel>
<rear_right_wheel model="flw"></rear_right_wheel>
<ground model="ground"></ground>
<static_obstacle model="tree"></static_obstacle>
<movable_obstacle model="crate" kgMass="100" friction="0.6"></movable_obstacle>
... and so on

Its a shame that ShockWave 3D isnt more widely used when you think of what it can do combined with Havok (even though its only using DirectX 7 and a simplified Havok engine). Currently I am making a crane simulator with dual joystick input, and it can be published on the web as well as a standalone exe file (just tell Director to make one of each :) ).

- Issue 3 -

Texture support. When programming shaders in Director, it is possible to mix several bitmap textures into one material (shader). Isnt there any way of doing this when exporting to Shockwave from LightWave? (atleast make an approximate shader, based upon the settings of the textures on the LW models?) Some time ago, i managed to get Lightwave to export the reflection map, but it seems like it is not working anymore.

Also, Shockwave has support for 2 sided polygons:
member(whichMember).model[whichModel].visibility = #both

Possible to implement on export?

- Issue 4 -

Bones made from skelegons support, see this thread:
Guess What? Bones Troubles (http://vbulletin.newtek.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5676)

I think thats all for now. I'll rant more on the issue later