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10-24-2006, 08:54 AM
How to get fast bitmap alpha mask from particular surface not changing surface or camera settings.
Is there are any tricks with render/image viewer?
Or something like PSD export but easyer.

10-24-2006, 10:05 AM

10-24-2006, 01:01 PM
How you set set up alpha properties for your objects in the 'Render' tab of 'Object Properties' I would think to be the most painless, these settings have no affect on the render just the alpha – i.e. if you set everything to be 'Unaffected by Alpha' and the object you want an alpha for to be 'Constant black', that's what you'll get, so if you're animating – save your alpha channel. if it's a still save in a 32 bit format

10-25-2006, 01:32 AM
Thanks, gerry_g
It is useful for objects, but does't work for single layer with multiple surfaces.
Only one think I got is to color particular surface in pink or green and make selection in photoshop.

Any other technics?

10-25-2006, 02:13 AM
Look in the advanced tab of the surface editor, you can change the way each surface affects the alpha channel. There's also the Special Buffers, but I don't know how to use them -