View Full Version : How do you set up your renders for 35mm film?

10-20-2006, 04:48 PM
I have rendered my iamge sequences at 1828 x 1331 resolution. I used QuickTime Pro 7 to made .mov file out of the sequences. My Camera in LightWave is set up at Width: 1828, Height: 1332, Pixel Ratio: 1.0
My Mask Options is set at: Left:0, Top:196, Width:1828, Height:940
of course "Use Mask is Checked.

But when I try to bring the movie file into Final Cut Pro HD 4.5, I get an acess denied error. What am I doing wrong? :help:

10-20-2006, 06:55 PM
I would suggest you pose this question to Final Cut Pro or thier support forum.

A guess might be it could be that final Cut is expecting a different pixel ratio.

I don't know about this otherwise.

10-22-2006, 05:12 PM
As I say in the other location you post this...

"Hopefully, someone with actual hands on experience with this kind of thing will come forward... Failing that, I have a pretty strong background with shooting 35mm film on a FOROX animation camera and am planning on doing something similar myself.

First, it looks like you are trying to convert a .mov to 35mm motion picture. If that is correct, I'd say you are going about it the wrong way. To sync up the digital images to 35 motion you would probably do better by shooting a single 35mm frame of each digital frame (actually, the convention is 2 frames of 35, but you'd only need to advance your renders 2 frames at a time too). This should give you the best image quality without trying to match speed of display filming at a normal rate.

What I am planning on doing, is to place a HDTV flat on its back under my camera head (mine shoots onto a table). I'll bring up each frame individually and shoot 2 pics, then advance the next digital image and shoot 2 more, etc.

I'll have to do a test to see if it's better to shoot with a very fast shutter speed, or open it up long enough so that the digital pixels blend together a bit. A thin sheet of vellum might also help blend the digital pixels together if needed. I'll be testing all of these techniques to see which works best.

Please let me know what works best for you."

A friendly suggestion, please try and post a question in only one location, otherwise you might miss the answer you need if you don't remember where you asked the question.