View Full Version : Using the Rotate Pivot tool in layout.

10-06-2006, 06:59 AM
Ok I know this should be very simple but I cant seem to figure out this tool. I have created a model with multiple objects on different layers at various angles to each other.
In Modeler I gave each object layer its proper pivot point. Now I get into Layout and click on the layers only to find they have wierd rotation angles. This I expected, but then I use the Rotate Pivot Tool to get the pivot just right but it just wont apply. Once I rotate it, hit the Record Pivot Rotation button which seems logical then try to go back to the Rotate tool, the pivot just snaps back to its original ackward angle.

How can I give an object a new pivot rotation angle in Layout and make it stick?

I really need help with this one quick. The project is due today!
Thanks in advance.