View Full Version : Yet another UV question

10-02-2006, 08:49 AM
This may be a dumb question, and it may be that i just dont get it, but i feel compelled to ask it anyway:

When UV texturing an object (in this case a tube/disc object) after allocating the faces to the UV grid, does it matter that the mesh is somewhat squashed in order to texture it correctly or do you have to re-size?

I have included a screen shot bellow to illustrate what i mean, but as another point (in case the question crops up) im generating the UV as a planar image. So, in thinking, if it matters then cant you resize the UV grid to accomodate the image? Because wouldnt the texture be wrong if i shrank the mesh on the UV grid itself?

R Haseltine
10-03-2006, 01:13 PM
It matters - try wrapping a checked pattern around your object, the squares will stretch as you rise from the midline of the projection, and when thye reach the top they will be lines running across the surface. If the object has a front or back surface perpendicular to the plane you mapped to that will be efectively untexturable (because it will try to stretch a zero-width section of the map across the surface). You'll also find that the two sides are mirror images of each other, which is going to look odd if there's a text or a decal.

The goal of mapping is to have the polys of the map more-or-less proportional to the polys of the object, with contiguous surfaces on the model represented by a contiguous area on the map. In this case I would (as an extreme non-expert) think you'd want a cylinder map of the things we see in profile here (with the axis running along the mid-line of the map you show), possibly another cylindrical map of what looks like a disc in the moddle, and separate planar maps for the end caps 9if there are any).