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06-10-2003, 12:17 PM
Lightwave 7.0/7.5 USB Dongle for MAC for Sale
Includes the following:


Original CD's for Lightwave 5.6, Lightwave [6]b, and Lightwave 7
(Upgrade to 7.5 on a separate included CD)
Original Manuals for Lightwave [6]b, and for Lightwave 7
USB Dongle (NOT Duo)


Worley Labs Sasquatch Full Version with Manual and Unlock Code
Worley Labs Polk Collection Plug-ins with Manual and Unlock Code
Shekinah Studios Vertibevel Plug-in with Unlock Code


Inside Lightwave [6] - Dan Ablan
Inside Lightwave 7 - Dan Ablan
Lightwave 3D 7 Character Animation - Timothy Albee
Lightwave 6.5/7.0 Project Handbook - Patrik Beck
Lightwave Applied Version 6.5 & 7 - Epic Software Group
Lightwave 6.5 magic - New Riders, Dan Ablan, et al.
Lightwave Worldwide training Tour CD (MAC Version)

I am asking $650 and I will pay for shipping.
Email me if you want to buy and you can make a direct payment to my PayPal Account.

Bernard Brown

06-11-2003, 02:51 PM
Okay, I tried to post an image of all the stuff included in this package but they will not allow me for some reason. I can only learn ONE 3D package at a time....I am not 18 anymore and my mind is not as sharp as before. I am concentrating on another 3D program right now and LW is just sitting here going to WASTE! Surely someone must want this fantastic software???....right?

New price: $500.00
I pay shipping (which will be about $75.00!!!)
email [email protected]

06-14-2003, 12:05 AM
Hello Lightwavers....its me again. i want you all to realize what a bargain this is. I paid:

LW 5.6 $1599.00
Upgrade to 6 $499.00
Upgrade to 7 $445.00
Sasquatch $389.00
Polk $205.00
Vertibevel $159.00
Books $250.00
Etc. $150.00

This is a package of software that cost $3696 to legally acquire. It is only $500 for EVERYTHING. Everything is legal, valid, registered, all receipts included. I am sure there is someone itching to get into 3D and Lightwave is a great package...anyone out there?


06-22-2003, 12:52 PM
Sold my package to a lucky new Lightwaver....