View Full Version : Please fix ani-refl and ani-spec on subp UVs

Thomas M.
09-28-2006, 04:17 PM
For short fur on animals like horses or penguins ani-refl and ani-spec would be fantastic for shading. To make the UV direction of the shader follow the streak direction of the fur on could deform the UV map of the object in such a manner that the streak conforms with the direction ani works in.

Unfortunately it doesn't work as the ani shader don't interpolate the streaks of its shader. So you'll end up with many tiny segments with straight streaks, but not a long smooth curvy streak.

Please try this little example: Create a plane in modeler, subdivide it slightly, create a planar UV and twist the inner part of the plane slightly in the UV map (e.g. by 90). If you apply the shader in Layout you would expect a smooth twisting brushed material. Unfortunately you'll see many tiny segments. If you raise the subdivision level to 50-100 the segments become so small that the right look is there, but for any regular model the polycount is unacceptable.

Can't there be a way that the shader interpolates this without the polycount hitting the roof?

That would be absolutely great.