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09-22-2006, 12:49 AM
For our Sept meeting we will be covering LightWave's Cameras.

LightWave 9 provides a wide arrange of cameras and features.
We will be doing an overview of what the new cameras can do.
Among them othographic, perspective,surface baker,and
others....Our feature speaker will be Dave Jerrard....

Meeting will take place on Sunday Sept 24
meeting begins at 2:00 pm. $5.00 at the door. Donuts
and coffee to be provided. Let me know if you have any
questions and we hope to see you there...

Studio Arts at Los Angeles River Center and Gardens
570 Ave. 26
Los Angeles
Between Figueroa St.and San Fernando Rd.

10-20-2006, 01:34 AM
osh Bodinet:Autostereoscopic Photography
Autostereoscopic Photography can be conceptualized as full color "holography" created using an everyday camera as the image acquisition device. That wasn't a typo; volumetric, photographic, three dimensional imagery able to be experienced sans viewing apparatus, created using a standard camera - Autostereoscopic Photography. And as such imagery can also be created using any leading computer modeling/rendering application, the "camera" in question needs not to even exist in the real world.
Joshua Bodinet is a founding member of the development team responsible for creating the software package with the working title of Auticular. Auticular empowers computer capable photographers and 3D artists of any medium to be able to generate works of Autostereoscopic Photography with relative ease. For examples of this art form, which must be seen in person to experience the holographic effect, visit the Museum Store at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park where Josh's artwork is on display. Please email [email protected] to receive more information regarding the software application Auticular and upcoming Autostereoscopic Photography / Lenticular Imaging workshops.

Larry Shultz: 3rd party nodes, nodes for displacements and UVs
so far we have seen how nodes are used for texturing. Larry will demonstrate the use of nodes with animated displacements...Here are some link examples, all using geometry and not particles...
meeting begins at 2pm...please note that we are now in Studio B...$5 at the door. we hope to see you there...

Jessica Vitale
Los Angeles LightWave Users Group

11-16-2006, 01:43 AM
Hi Folks

Well....The final meeting of 2006 is upon us (no meeting in December due to the holidays)...and we have saved the very best for last...It has always been a wish of mine to have a meeting regarding games created in LightWave and for this meeting we have Dustin Adair to talk about his video game Bad Bad Bots, a 3D puzzle game entirely created in LightWave...Some of you got to see a little bit of Bad Bad Bots during the September meeting. Dustin will give us a more in depth look at the game...
Check out some images at the website http://www.mediumedge.com/bbb/index.html

Plug in Pot Luck (thanks Jennifer Hachigian for coining the phrase)...is a plug in exchange....Zareh Gorjian has accumulated plug ins over the years. He is going to burn it on a CD or DVD and make it available to everyone at the next meeting. In return, please bring a CD, DVD ROM, or floppy with plug ins YOU have accumulated over time, give them to Zareh and he will compile on to the list and consolidate it. A next set of plug ins will be available at the following meeting.

This is also the time where I would like to thank everyone who helped with this year's meeting...

Larry Shultz, Dave Jerrard, Jerimiah Morey, Dustin Adair, Steven Burns, Josh Bodinet, Philip Staiger, Zareh Gorjian...

Gene Turnbow for hosting our site...

Jennifer Hachigian for always been willing and able to do a demo and ALL your help...

Eric Huelsman...For hosting us at Studio Arts....

Meeting is at 2pm. $5 at the door as always and I hope to see you there...

Studio Arts at Los Angeles River Center and Gardens
570 Ave. 26
Los Angeles
Between Figueroa St.and San Fernando Rd.