View Full Version : Seeking Animator for Short Project

Jay Kelley
09-17-2006, 12:22 PM

I need a LW animator to help me with a short project. Yes there is pay, a little upfront, and hopefully a LOT more soon after.

So what do I need:

I need 6 elements: 5 little aliens (About 3-ft in hieight) and one spaceship.
I need 6 shots at 3 second each.

You need to be really good and pretty fast at animating the aliens. You also need to have a flair for comedy where they are concerned.

THESE ALIENS can be something you already have if it's meets what we are looking for. We do NOT need everything from scratch here.

You will be providing this some animation that I will place over live action plates on this end.

Pay is $600 up front, and if we are successful another $2,000.00.

Due to what we are doing I cannot go into too many details on here. I know it's small up front pay, but the potential here is HUGE.

Project must start in a week or two and will last about 4.

If interested ,write me privately along with a couple of stills of come funny characters you have designed.

[email protected]