View Full Version : SGI ZX10 for sale

09-17-2006, 09:25 AM
Greatings all, I am making some room in life so reluctantly selling my beloved SGI zx10 Workstation. Here is a basic breakdown of the spec:

ATX Form Factor Chasis,
2 PIII 866 Multi-Procs,
2.6 GB Kingston RAM via 1024 modules (expandable to 6.144 GB),
Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI Host Adapter,
80 GB RAID configuarable 7'200 RPM SCSI2 internal Disk array,
Oxygen GVX420 GA Card, Supports Dual head config,
64 bit and 32 bit PCI Slots,
10/100 Built in NIC,
Built in CD/DVD ROM, Floppy drive,
3 USB Ports, 2 Firewire Ports, 1 external ULTRA SCSI2 Port (expandable to 2),
Dual boot Win NT4 W + XP Pro Inst,

2x 21" SGI GDM5411 Northern Hemisphere CRT Monitors, with built in swithers - connect up to 4 CPU's to these baby's,

Original Manuals and receipts available. Cost in excess of 7,000 so looking for some sensible offers please.

I also have 2 other CPU's for sale:
A PIII MP 800 with 1GB RAM (identicle Form factor as ZX10). And an Advent PIIII single 1GHZ Proc.

Other accessories:
Yamaha external 36x CDRW, Netgear 10/100 hubs, 2 GB Jazz Drive with disks, 250mb zip drive with disks, A not-so-happy HP SureStore DDS4 ULTRA SCSI Tape Drive device with 40 and 80 GB tapes (Have'nt got round to fixing so will give away at stuppid price)

Based in London (UK) and would prefere buyer to collect.

Post your Qs and Ill get back with A's ASAP, otherwise make an offer.

I am looking for ease-of-sale so would prefere to sell all together with a reduced cost as insentive.

Thanks for reading.