View Full Version : Complete Matrox System for sale

09-15-2006, 01:03 PM
I am an independent owner of a complete post-production system which I would like to sell. The system is totally functional, we have all of the documentation/manuals/software for it, and, it has been gently used for five years. Some quick specs:

Matrox LX board kit, including LX NTSC board, DS-1394 TI board, Adobe Premier 6.5, Boris F/X plug-in, Inscriber CG plug-in, Sonic DVDit SE, all breakout cables (composite, component, Y/C, audio 1394 cable) and software utilities
SDI PC host computer includes full tower, dual motoerboard, dual PIII 800Mhz 1 Meg Ram, 18 gig SCSI system drive, remote mouse, floppy drive, color coded editing board, DVD RW, G-450 graphics card, Windows 2000
19" SVGA monitors (2)
Forta Video Drive Array with Saturn case, 5 /18 gig Seagate Cheeta audio/video drives, SCSI terminator, 68 pin external SCSI 3 cabling (1/18 gig for audio and 54 gig for video)
Altec Lansing speakers (4)
Panasonic 1386Y NTSC monitor
Sony UVW 1800 tape deck (total hours powered on = 199; total hours of drum rotation = 49, total hours of tape transport operation = 35, number of tape threading/unthreading operation pairs = 177)

Total sale price = $10,000

The system is located 25 miles northwest of Detroit, Michigan. Shipping is possible, at cost.