View Full Version : bootcamp for lightwave/max/maya etc?

09-13-2006, 01:30 AM
bootcamp for lightwave/max/maya etc?

is there any mac users out there who'd tested out bootcamp with 3d apps...i'm trying to find reviews or user stories that give opinions to how good bootcamp would be to an alternative to a dell workstation for my lightwave 9 and 3dsmax 8 running xp on a imac or macpro desktop...

manly install issues..., open gl, dirtectx and render times


09-13-2006, 02:54 AM
Hi Cresshead !

I have a MacBookPro, and i have actually Windows XP SP2 via Bootcamp on my machine.

I have installed it only to be able to render in LightWave at full speed, while i'm waiting for the UB of LightWave to come out. And i can tell you that it rocks ! :thumbsup:

Apart from using Windows, which i'd avoid if i could, the apps are running full speed and the ATI X1600 is a very good graphic card ! I have also tested the demo version of Max 8, as well as the demo of Messiah and the demo of XSI and they all run very well ! (the Core Duo is VERY fast...)

In fact, with the MBP, you have the best of both world : A Mac OS X and a Wintel WORKSTATION !

Hope it helps !

Laurent aka Tartiflette :)

09-13-2006, 04:17 AM
that sounds cool..i heard some people had issues with getting 3dsmax up n running due to the software lock but that maybe how they partitioned the hard drive's.

ooh got me a thinking now...either a imac 24" or a macpro quad xeon box:D

09-13-2006, 05:56 AM
There's fixes for about every windows nag now with Boot camp 1.1, don't believe old reviews of it. The camera and everything works, and with input remapper which is a tiny program I actually is more happy with my mac keyboard now than the external one I bought because I thought it would suck to write code on it ...!

To have OSX even if you don't use it also gives you plenty more options if your windows installation goes south. I have my win set up as FAT32 myself, and I was actually able to successfully copy an NTFS 2 month old install onto a FAT32 fresh install just like that ... According to google it is about entirely impossible to cheat like that ... Like with a little trickery, I could just drag the files of one windows installation onto the ones of another one, and it just worked ...! Amazing stuff.

A minor note is that it would be good to wait for the New Merom processors if you are after either the mac mini or the MB/MBP but the imacs are very nice options just now...