View Full Version : Crawl and Bug?

09-11-2006, 05:09 PM
I am using the Sports Skin to do a live sports bug. But I was thinking...

Can I lock the position of the entire bug and then make the page a crawl, make a crawling text, like updates on other games that our school is in. Then copy that page to the 2nd option in the Sports Skin (The 1st being just the bug no crawl), and then just go to the crawl page whenever I want? The only problem I saw in this was You have to click the Play button on the CG Editor in order for the crawl to work. Could I click play before going to the Sports Skin?

I know that I can put the crawl in a DDR, but this way has the ability to have the crawl more integrated to the bug, like the way they are connected graphically.

09-12-2006, 07:20 PM
That is an interesting question. I'm not sure that is possible. Next time I'm near the Toaster machine I'll try to see what happens.


09-13-2006, 08:22 AM
Everytime you change skins, the module re-initializes, so I would be surprised if it kept playing after the skin switch. Try it to see.

That said, it should not be difficult to use ToasterScript to start the crawl from within the scoreboard either by adding a button to the scoreboard skin, or by a hotkey.