View Full Version : newtek to the rescue

09-11-2006, 12:43 PM
was especially impressed with the people at the main office of newtek today. had ordered lw 9 from kurv studios, and was starting to run really late. by 4 days so far. and i had paid additional money for expedited shipping. and they (kurvs) wouldn't answer my emails and their corporate phone numbers were being rerouted to a wes smith's cell phone. starting to get nervous and angry,because we have all heard of the people being ripped off on the net. with one last ditch effort, we called newtek. within 2 minutes, the person on the other end (sorry, forgot to catch the name. otherwise would give props to...) said that he would get a hold of kurvs himself and find out exactly what was going on. was especially impressed because he could have said that i hadn't ordered it through newtek, there by it not being a problem they could solve. but instead he said he would look into it, find out what the problem was and call us back. very impressed with the courteuosness of the conversation even though i was a little short with him in the beginning. he was professional and offered results that i hadn't yet seen with the company that ordered the product from. so basically wanted to thank the people at newtek publically so that others could see that they have an awesome staff at their offices and are very helpful even when they don't have to be:bowdown: