View Full Version : 6-7 LW Upgrade Path Confusion

06-08-2003, 10:08 AM
Hi everyone,
I went to http://sharbor.com/vendors/NTK.html to look into upgrading from 6.5 to 7.5 (and the free 8 upgrade), when I notice the NLE/Videographers Special to LW is only $499.00. Which means anyone with Photoshop (almost any serious artist owns this) can buy a full NEW LW seat about the price of me upgrading? Sharbor.com has 6.5 UG to 7.5 for $369.00 and does not say anything about the DFX+ package.
Iím reluctant to go the DFX+ route as module 6 has a video-paint program and I prefer my Aura2.5 to learning a new package. I also suspect DFX+ is a semi-functional lite version that precludes to upgrades via Eyeon?
Perhaps some one could clarify the upgrade paths;
1. Do all 6.5 to 7.5 upgrades (from LW vendors i.e. Sharbor.com) include the DFX+ package?
2. Is DFX+ really that great?
3. Tvpaint(Aura 2.5) is going to announce an upgrade soon, will this be an AURA2.5 and 6.5 to 7.5 LW upgrade Combo? (I would prefer this and will probably wait for TVpaintís announcement before I upgrade).
4. Or just buy a full LW7.5 second seat and doggle for $499.00(cheap, cheap)?
Any brainstorming is welcome. Mike

06-09-2003, 09:38 AM
I may be able to help you out with #2. DFX+ is a full featured 8-bit version of Digital Fusion. DFX+ with Module 1 and 4 retails for about $1800 so nothing 'lite' about it. They have a demo version that you can download from their site that is only limited by waterwarks on the output. I took a look at it over the weekend and I have to say it is pretty nice. Very different from the AE mind set but I really liked how things worked. You don't have to purchase the other modules so no reason to get #6 if you like Aura. I am going to get this upgrade. It is too good to pass up. Besides, even if you didn't want the DFX+, you should be able to sell it for the cost of the upgrade.