View Full Version : LWSN -3 preference bug workaround

09-07-2006, 10:50 PM
intro: LWSN -3 has a bug that will reset your preferences when it exits out of its process.

workaround: if use the command prompt when running lwsn -3, use the attrib command to toggle the config file to read-only before running lwsn -3, and then toggle it back when the process is finished.

this can be accomplished in one batch file. as an example of what i do, i use lwsnc by DSTORM, and i run this batch file:

attrib +r C:\LightWave8\CONFIGS\LW8.CFG
attrib -r C:\LightWave8\CONFIGS\LW8.CFG

09-18-2006, 03:23 AM
This is only for LW8, though. LW9 is supposed to be safe.

Again, though, it is disappointing that NewTek have failed to provide maintenance updates to 8.x now that 9.0 is out. What value support if bug fixes for the previous version are immediately stopped on release of the new product version? I dislike this, especially since 9.0 has various issues of its own.

Where possible, it would be nice to see bug fixes backported to the previous release for some period of time after the new version has shipped.

09-18-2006, 05:37 AM
I dislike this, especially since 9.0 has various issues of its own.

as an example, motion vectors where "disabled" in LW9 because of problems with the new mesh subdivision (as i understand it). in my case, this is a major feature, since i depend on processes using motion vectors, either in post, or in the form of vector blur. another example is the modeler lscript problem in LW9 where alot of lscript functions that were originally there are no longer there, but lw9 modeler had gotten that opengl selection bug out.

look at it this way: now, instead of having two separate apps, we have four: layout 8, layout 9, modeler 8, and modeler 9. :D the situation is like having to use all of these apps because one has broken stuff in them, but have features that are great improvements. i use 8.5 only, though mainly because modeler 9's problems with lscript was just too much for me to want to take on, and layout 9's motion vectors was just unacceptable from the pov of working with motion vectors everyday.