View Full Version : alt tab switching

09-02-2006, 03:06 AM
can some1 check if they have same problem like me....
since i installed SOMETHING... maybe new nvidia drivers or lw9 i cant rmmbr now i have this annoyn problem,.

start modeler
make cube
press tab
try switch btw app with alt +tab
once u switch subpatch cube goes back to normal cube?

i dont know how to fix this tryed install latest drivers no go..... is it lw9 hub ? is it somethin else i dont know but looks like modeelr do not detect i presed ALT and than TAB hmmmm...

athlon 64 3500+
2gb memory


it was FIREFOX that did this problem... When setting FIREFOX latest version as your default broswer by some misterious reson when windows start up it makes ALt TAB not work corect
who is wrong and why is that happening i dont know.
Same thing happen if i set IE as defautlt browers next time i start my system i have to END task IE and after that i can use normally lw/IE