View Full Version : DFX+ rotoscope splines

06-07-2003, 10:55 AM
I can't find much info on eyeon's site regarding rotoscoping splines.

Combustion has multiple splines (I believe 3) so the inner spline is drawn (basically) around the solid area of the moving object itself, the outer spline is drawn at the outer edge of the movement blur (totaly transparent) and the final spline (center spline) defines the blend between the other two - vital for blending fast movement between foreground and background layers.

Can DFX+ do this, or is it a simpler 1 spline only function?


If DFX+ is one spline only, is there another way round this,?

That is...
another way round this that DFX+ with the free modules (aka current update offer) can handle?