View Full Version : A question about markers

08-25-2006, 12:24 AM
I'm using LW 8.0 on a Mac. In layout, above the scroller is a little secondary timeline, I can't remember the term for it. It's a nice tool, you can move keys around and place markers. I do a lot of "info graphics," so markers come in handy for synching to the audio, but the problem is when you add a marker it's never right where you want it, you know? If you have a long scene, say 600 frames, and you want a marker on frame 200, it's really hard to get it right on 200. You put the scroller to frame 200, right click above it and it'll put the marker on 199 or 201 or whatever. It's really annoying, especially when you go to add text and you can't, since you have to be on the marker to do that. Is there a setting somewhere, like a snap feature or something to fix this?