View Full Version : Fprime render memory leak?

08-21-2006, 11:52 AM
When I render a series of frames using Fprime (with hypervoxels), LW invariable crashes at some point into the render. I can be rendering as little as 400 frames, and it still occurs.

Key points:
* memory monitor shows a steadily decreasing amount of available memory, even after a single pass of all the frames to be rendered
* Regular F10 LW render of the same scene does not have this problem
* after experiencing this, i upgraded my memory to 4 gigs, with the 3 gig switch implemented. While showing a doubling of memory available to LW, Fprime renders still crash, and memory still falls until this happens.

Has anyone else experienced this?


PC LW = the official public release ('open beta' listed above or they wouldn't let me send this -- where are the bug reports for 'official' 9>)
Dual dual-core opterons 275
Tyan thunder MB