View Full Version : modelere 9 crashing..

08-20-2006, 10:52 PM
helo guys,

my observations only...

a. i have installed lw9. i load plugs frm lw8.5 to test if works in lw9 modeler. when i close lw9 modelere it crashes. then i launch mdelere9 the plugins are there i the menu. some work others are broken.

b. i load a model frm lw8.5 modeler loads ok...when i try to edit, modeler crashes
i have to go back to lw8.5 modeler to continue the editing wit no problems.

i have read solid praises for modeler 9 but i have these crashes...

oh yes i have an nvidia6600(with 81.98 drivers) + win2kpro+sp4+512mbram P4 2.4g . thats should be enuf right?

...any suggestions guys?

layout 9 though never crashes. but it sorts of renders "slower" from a lw9 scene with lw9 objects than with lw8.5 same scene with no modifications.


08-21-2006, 10:03 AM
Try upgrading your graphics drivers (the newest version is 91.31). Modeler 9 crashed all the time on my machine (even though lw8.5 was stable). I installed the latest nvidia drivers, and now it's rock solid...