View Full Version : Path Animation problem- Ants going around an orange...

06-05-2003, 06:24 PM
First: I know there are no stupid questions- only stupid people. Well I'm stupid.
Second: I'd like to thank the person who helps me with this in advance. Thank you.

I need to animate ants going around an orange on different irregular pathways. So far I've managed to get the paths off of the orange object (freezepoints to Spline) and have used those for motion paths or as curves for CurveConstraint. The problem is that the ants keep flipping around (Pitch, Heading) at a certain point no mater what I do. I could try and go through and correct each one with key frames, but I just don't think I'd be sane after my 100th ant! In other words- how do I get them to stick thier feet to the surface?

I'm not sure if this will compound my problems, but I will also be using simple expressions based off the rate of the ants movement to enact morph animations (which I know how do except that CurveConstraint doesn't seem to "pass" the info to the Graph Editor).

There must be a simple way to fix this as anyone doing more than a car on a path has ran into this problem -no?

Thank You- THank YOu- thank you...