View Full Version : Plugins & tools not showing up?

Dave Jerrard
08-16-2006, 12:26 PM
For those who have trouble with plugins & tools not showing up in the interface, here's some suggestions.

When you first install LW (any version) follow these steps.

Install LightWave. (obviously)
Add/scan plugins.
Select a meny/keyboard configuration.

Some people have had problems with the default menus & key configs NOT finding plugins, even though the plugins were scanned. The plugins need to be present BEFORE the configs are loaded. Normally when your first start LW, the config is loaded (well, created actually since it's a built-in set of menus). Since you haven't had a chance to scan plugins yet (you need the menus in place before you can even do that), these menus are created without knowing where the plugins even are. They haven't been loaded yet, so there will be a lot of missing features at this point.

Add or scan the plugins (whichever works best for you). Now, in some cases, doing this still won't fix the problem, especially if you're using a custom configuration, because the config is already loaded with broken links to plugins. The config isn't updated to know that those missing plugins are now present.

Once the plugins are loaded, reload the config if it's a custom one. Since all the plugins ARE present now, it shoudl find everything fine. If you're using one of the built-in presets, select a different one and then select the one you like again. This will force a reload/recreate of the preset configs, and since the plugins are present, all the links will be work.

Since everyone here will be doing new installs on each beta release, this is something to keep in mind for each one. It's a common problem I hear about from other people as well when they install LW on a new machine. LW needs to install a configuration in order for you to be able to add plugins, but the configuratin needs to know where the plugins are so it can map them to menus & keys. Not everyone keeps the plugins in the same location. It's the price we pay for configurability.

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