View Full Version : Load Items from Scene-bug in 9

08-15-2006, 01:53 AM
I recently had to animate a complex scene, which I decided to break down in to smaller pieces and then join together using Load Items From Scene. Lightwave seems to have a bug when trying to load hypervoxels.

Hypervoxel settings doesn't load properly - sometimes none of the hypervoxels load, sometimes only a few. I haven't yet found any pattern why it in some cases loads the settings and why it doesn't in others...

I have checked both (Master Plug-ins/Hypervoxels and Volumetric Plug-ins/HypervoxelsFilter) hypervoxel settings when using Load Items. I've now also tested this with just a few nulls and it doesn't load any hypervoxel settings with those testscenes.

Does anyone know any plug-in which could load these settings to another scene? I already tried combining the scenes by editing the scene files directly in notepad, but it didn't do much good (I probably missed some setting)...

EDIT: Seems like Lightwave also likes to crash when using Load Items From Scene. So much for stability.