View Full Version : Layout not recognizing new MOT path

08-14-2006, 11:19 AM
I have what's prbly a typical use for an .mot file going on in my scene: a path that follows a road, just above the road's surface, and the camera is meant to follow that path.

while working with the scene, I made some changes to the road, and then had to adjust part of the curve I've been using to export as .mot

this last time I made changes to the path, then exported as .mot (with a new, unique name), Layout doesn't seem to want to recognize the change, with the result that the road curves upward, while the camera path as seen in Layout, is level, when it should curve up with the road.

any thoughts on how to get layout to recognize this new path? I'd rather not have to re-make the thing all over again; just want Layout to pull in the .mot path correctly.

I'm using LW 8.5 for Mac, BTW.