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08-07-2006, 10:47 AM
Hi All,

This is a 11 pages review of LW 9 in CG Focus:
Link (http://www.cgfocus.com/review/story/130&page=1)

08-07-2006, 02:08 PM
i agree completely with the review. Not bad.

08-07-2006, 02:16 PM
dear pixym

there is no other webpage other than CGfocus giving a 3 page review in whooping 11 pages. I cant read, i cant click and LOOK my headsize pictures. It is pretty wrong reviewing style. I m looking forward reduced version (i will try quemloss on CGfocus:)) Kurv please reduce the poly-page number..


08-07-2006, 02:25 PM
Coolness...but those pages loaded soooo slow on my connection :hey:


08-07-2006, 03:31 PM
Yeah it was an intersting read for sure. Looks like some one had a little time on their hands to write and review the new LW9. Thanks for the link pixym.


08-07-2006, 03:34 PM
Third line in and I went "Hnnng!" and winced in pain.

LightWave 9 – LightWave Reborn! That’s how Texas based NewTek has announced the most recent release of their 3D application LightWave version 9.0. It’s taunted as the largest, most aggressive, most stable release of LightWave ever and with a new features list about a page long it’s easy to see that there has been a lot of work put into this new release.

Taunted? What, it's been mocked as the largest most aggressive blah-blah?

The word is vaunted for goodness' sake.

08-07-2006, 03:58 PM
or touted? touted plus vaunted equals Taunted ;)

08-07-2006, 07:18 PM
Maybe they meant mounted? No, maybe not.

I'll be in mah bunk.

08-08-2006, 08:46 AM
or touted? touted plus vaunted equals Taunted ;)

Hahaha! :)

Thor Simpson
08-08-2006, 08:47 AM
Good review. :thumbsup:

Man, I can't wait to see what the 9.x cycle holds for us all.

08-08-2006, 11:36 AM
That was a fair review. Covers enough of the new features and points out some of the short comings that still need attention. LW9 is a work in progress and hopefully we see some real solid optimization of the current code and progress on planned features through the LW9 cycle.

Yeah...11 page review .... really 4 at best but hey. :thumbsup: