View Full Version : Chroma+DSK Live switch problems

06-04-2003, 09:52 PM
Hey guys -

Kinda curious if I am doin something wrong here - I am trying to capture a Chroma-d camera source, and fade back and forth between images in a DDR, it seems to work fine unless I start capturing in the capture panel, or start streaming via the encoder.

Here's my setup:

- Camera (YC) on Pvw
- Keyed BG in DDR1 on Pgm
- Images I am fading back & forth from are in DDR2, which I've got loaded into the DSK.
- Capture In is set to Pgm Out
- Encoder Video Settings set to <Default Video Source> and Pgm Out

When I am just sitting here in the switcher, I can fade my DSKs over my keyed camera source no problem - however, as soon as hit Record, or start Streaming, the only thing that I see on Pgm Out is the keyed source, and then the keyed BG when I try to fade in the DSK.

Any ideas? Hope I didnt confuse anyone - lol

Thanks a ton -

06-04-2003, 10:28 PM
In the preferences there is a setting that automatically puts the preview bus to black when you digitize (hit record). This is to minimize PCI bandwith usage while digitizing. It's in the Recording section and is called "Minize PCI bandwith while recording".

This could be it and then again I might be totaly off.