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08-03-2006, 02:20 PM
Gitzo G1325V Tripod - $750 plus shipping
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Also comes with a Soft Carrying Case

The 1325V is an entry in the new Systematic tripods from Gitzo. A workhorse in a lightweight package, the carbon fiber construction provides greater rigidity and vibration dampening with weight that's 30% less than a comparable aluminium tripod. The low specific heat capacity means that the legs of the tripod feel much the same in the desert as they do in the alpine. Capable of holding all medium format, most 4x5 cameras and Video ENG applications, the Series 3 tripods are a staple of professional photographers worldwide. The 1325V is configured for 75mm bowl heads.

Gitzo G-1325V Mountaineer Pro Studex Performance Carbon Fiber Cine/Video Tripod Legs with G1422 75mm Bowl Adapter (without Column) - Supports 26.50 lb

Gitzo G1325V MK2 Mountaineer Video Tripod is the new video-dedicated model of the best selling G1325 Mountaineer Mk2 carbon fiber tripod.
Equipped with an integral 75mm bowl for mounting a wide range of video heads, including the high-precision Gitzo G1380 Fluide Head or their new G2380 Pro Video Head.
Rubber feet with retractable spiked tips.
At a mere 4.4lbs., it is able to firmly support video payloads up to 26.5 lbs.
Leg angles can also be individually set at either 24̊, 55̊ or even 90̊ for super low angle shots.
When fully extended, the G1325V stands a comfortable 59'' tall.
Maximum height: 59''.
Minimum height: 4.3''.
Closed Length: 27.2''.
Maximum Load Capacity: 26.5 lbs.
Head Bowl: 75mm.
Weight: 4.4 lbs.

Manfrotto 516 Head
Specifically designed for the latest DV camcorders, the 516 Pro Video Head is compact, light, and can support cameras up to 22 lbs.

The 516 is a cost effective high performance video head equipped with fluid cartridges that provides continuous adjustable drag control. This system gives quite a wide range of friction control down to "zero drag" and operates on both pan and tilt axis.

Other features include separate pan and tilt locking mechanism, a fixed counter balance spring of 16.5 lbs load capacity at a center of gravity of 5", two telescopic pan handles, and a bubble level.

The 516 can be mounted on a flat base tripod with a 3/8" female thread attachment, or by attaching the 3141BALL to the head base, allowing it to fit a 100mm bowl.

Sliding quick-release plate for balancing the camera
Supplied with 1/4-20" and 3/8" camera screws plus VHS locating pin
22 lbs Head height 4.9 inches Quick Release Yes Pan 360̊ Tilt +90̊ -60̊ Female Thread size (Connect to Tripod) 3/8" Weight 4.4 lbs Notes Pan Drag continuously adjustable
Independent Pan Lock Yes
Pan Handle 2- Telescopic
Tilt Drag continuously adjustable
Independent Tilt Lock Yes