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Includes SDI output.

Playback Compatibility with Home-Use ““DV”” Format
The DVCAM digital recording format for video professionals is an extension of the consumer DV format. Therefore, it maintains playback compatibility with consumer DV recordings and has the advantage that both standard and mini cassettes can be used in the same machine. By maintaining a wider track pitch, the DVCAM format ensures high reliability for the professional editor.
Remote Control via RS-422A
The DSR-80 is equipped with an RS-422A serial communication port to interface with Sony VTRs and editing controllers such as the PVE-500. In addition to VTR control functions, the interface also enables the transfer of ClipLink Log Data from the cassette memory in the DVCAM cassette to a Sony EditStation system.
Analog Interfaces
The DSR-80 provides a full complement of analog interfaces for video and audio, which offers compatibility with conventional analog equipment, such as Betacam SPTM, Hi8 and S-VHS for a smooth and gradual transition to digital systems. For video, composite, component and S-video connections are provided. Four channel or two channel (selectable) inputs and outputs are provided for audio.
Comprehensive Editing Features
Built-in SMPTE Time Code Generator/Reader A built-in time code generator and reader are in the DSR-80 to offer precise video editing. The time code conforms to the SMPTE standard. Time code written in the sub code is controlled via the RS-422A interface port. Input/output of time code is possible with the optional DSBK-130 Time Code Input/Output Board.
Time Base Corrector
The DSR-80 is equipped with a built-in time base corrector for all analog outputs giving highly stable video signals. Sync and SC phase adjustment is made from the front panel, while the TBC control is possible with the optional UVR-60 TBC Remote Control Unit.
Digital Slow Function
The Digital Slow function takes advantage of digital processing for playback at 0.39 times (DSR-80)normal playback speed both in forward and reverse,achieving noiseless slow-motion images. Either frame or field accurate playback is possible.
Frame Accurate Editing Capability
When connected to RS-422A equipped editing controllers,the DSR-80 functions as an editing recorder and an editing player for assemble or insert editing. Frame accurate editing is assured in both modes, thanks to the sophisticated servo control and built-in time code generator and reader. In the insert mode of the DSR-80, video, audio and time code can be inserted independently or in any combination. In the assemble mode, all of the prerecorded signals (video, audio and time code) are erased and replaced with new signals.
High Speed Picture Search
The DSR-80 offers high speed picture search which provides a recognizable picture at various speeds over a range of up to 32 times normal speed, in both forward and reverse, to speed editing operations. In JOG mode, frame accurate picture search is possible.These functions are available using the optional DSRM-10 Remote Control Unit or with editing controllers equipped with RS-422A capability.
The search speed varies with the type of controllers.In case of the DSRM-10, the search speed is up to 16 times.
Jog Audio
It is possible to reproduce four channels or two channels of digital audio from the speed of 1/30 to 1 times normal playback speed, both in forward and reverse, in the JOG mode. This feature is helpful for quickly and precisely designating editing points while monitoring the digital audio signals. The audio data is held in memory and output according to search speed for enhanced recognition.
Serial Digital Interface (SDI)
The SDI (Serial Digital Interface) which conforms to the SMPTE broadcast standard, is supported by the optional DSBK-120 to the DSR-80 for simple connection with other SDI equipped devices such as D-1 and Digital BETACAM VTRs.
Power requirements AC 100 to 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 140 W 85 W
Operating temperature 5 °̊C to 40 °̊C (41 °̊F to 104 °̊F)
Storage temperature -20 °̊C to 60 °̊C (-4 °̊F to 140 °̊F)
Operating humidity Less than 80 %
Storage humidity Less than 90 %
Mass 19 kg (41 lb 14 oz) 18 kg (39 lb 10 oz)
Dimensions 427 x 174 x 494 mm excluding external projections (W x H x D) (16 7/8 x 6 7/8 x 19 1/2 inches)
Tape speed 28.193 mm/s
Recording/Playback time Standard size: More than 184 min. w/PDV-184ME/184N
Mini size: More than 40 min. w/PDVM-40ME/40N
Fast forward/Rewind time Standard size: Less than 3 min. w/PDV-184ME/184N
Mini size: Less than 1 min. w/PDVM-40ME/40N
Search speed
When controlled via RS-422A: Search speed is up to 32 times, forward and reverse.
When controlled via optional DSRM-10:
JOG mode: Frame by frame to x2, forward and reverse
SHUTTLE mode: 8 steps, still to x16 normal speed, forward and reverse
Digital slow mode: 3 steps, still, x1/5 and x1/10 normal speed, forward and reverse
JOG audio mode: x1/30 to x1, forward and reverse

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