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07-30-2006, 08:45 AM
For Immediate Release
July 26, 2006
3D | GARAGE.com LightWave® v9 Signature Courseware
Now Available from AGA Digital Studios, Inc.

Schaumburg, Illinois. — July 26, 2006 — AGA Digital Studios, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of LightWave v9 Signature Courseware from 3D | Garage.com. Taught by leading 3D animator and author Dan Ablan, the LightWave v9 Signature Courseware compliments existing LightWave v9 manuals to further streamline learning path for the vast LightWave 3D community who are ready to capitalize on LightWave v9’s new and powerful feature set. The LightWave v9 Signature Courseware includes over 17 hours of Quicktime video-based projects delivered on 2 DVD-ROMs that take the user from interface navigation, to introduction of the new modeling tools, usage of the complex node editor, advanced cameras, as well as lighting, animation, and rendering.

Version 9 is the next generation of LightWave 3D, the Emmy-winning 3D application from NewTek, Inc. manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video products. The new release is the first in a series of major rewrites and restructuring of LightWave 3D's core with the addition of comprehensive new features such as a node-based materials editor, optically correct cameras, adaptive pixel subdivision, Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces, sub-surface scattering and vast render speed improvements.

Pricing and Availability
The LightWave v9 Signature Courseware is priced for a limited time at USD $149 (normally $249) and is available directly from 3D | Garage.com. It ships on 2 DVD ROMs and includes a free bonus CD containing 45 royalty-free high-resolution textures and reference images. To purchase or learn more about the 3D | Garage LightWave v9 Signature Courseware, visit www.3dgarage.com. To learn more about LightWave 3D v9, visit www.newtek.com.

About 3D | Garage
Based in Schaumburg, IL., 3D | Garage.com is owned and operated by AGA Digital Studios, Inc. AGA Digital has provided numerous corporate and broadcast clients 3D animation and post production services since 1994. For more information on the 3D | Garage courseware, visit www.3dgarage.com.

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