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07-29-2006, 05:06 PM
Would love to hear everyone's thoughts:

Just got back from watching it....It was much better then I thought it would be but I still had lots of issues with the story. The story just didnt grab me like I thinkit should have. The pacing of key events seemed off. I wont put spoilers in here but look forward to discussing it with people once they have seen it.

I loved the Design of Lucas and the bully (Bully Design was killer)....great looking characters with alot of personality. I felt like Nicholas Cage's character and Julia Roberts' character had very little if any. Bruce Cambell's character was perfect....it just bothered me that the two main Ants didnt have much "character" to me and they seemed to play a role that we have seen in many movies....I will forget about them by Monday.

The funny Bug and Glow Worm felt like they were add ons after the fact....They felt like they were more out of Bugs Life then anyone else in the film. I thought they were fun but felt out of place.

I dont think they took advantage of Streep's voice talent in the film.....She was under used IMHO. Cheri Oteri (sp?) from Saturday Night Live did a killer voice for the Mom.

Who ever did the lighting on the Neighborhood did an excellent job...that really stood out to me. The Pizza Dude got a laugh out of me...as well as the Exterminator. I was hoping to get more laughs out of this movie like I did with Over the Hedge....not even close.

I absolutely hated the design and look of the "robot" insects.....they were soooo not fitting with the rest of the film....not sure who made that call but it was probably what I hated most about the film "look" wise. There is a big flaw with this design that I cant wait to discuss with people once they have seen it.

As for some political message that some reviewers are talking about.....I just dont see it.....but maybe I wasnt looking for it. People will see anything they want to see. I saw the moral of what the ants were saying to be 100% about Team work....working as a team.... I think people are out to get the film since Tom Hanks is involved and he did the DaVinci Code which pissed a bunch of people off...get over it...it's a naked kid and a bunch of ants....These reviewers are probably the same people that see the virgin mary in a piece of burnt toast.

Overall I think DNA did an amazing job on the movie.....I was just hoping for alot more then I got, even though I didnt go in with High expectations.

The Theater was pretty empty which sucks as I hope the film does good and DNA gets more work. They had a good 5+ year run and I want to see that come back for them....Congrats to all that worked on it....Always cool to see friends names in the credits!

07-30-2006, 09:53 AM
Haven't seen it yet, primarily because I'm a little prejudice to Antz, or, excuse me, ants.;) I'd rather save my money and see Cars. I just saw the Polar Express the other day, and that completely blew me off my couch! That will go down as one of my favorites of all time, a true masterpiece.

07-31-2006, 03:05 PM
When I saw the previews of Polar Express, I though that was going to be the type of movie that the idea was forced through the creative process and churned out just to make a buck. But boy was I wrong there. I really liked it as well (My daughter loved it too!).

But I got the same initial feeling with Ant Bully. I'm probably wrong about that too. I'll just have to see it to be sure!