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07-25-2006, 09:10 PM
Commodore Amiga 4000/040/25mhz Desktop Computer

SuperBuster rev.11, Motherboard rev.B
A3640 rev3.1 68040 25mhz CPU & FPU Accelerator
3.0 Kickstart ROMs, 3.1 Software Installed
3.0 Install Disks Included
2mb Chip RAM, 16mb FAST RAM on Motherboard
1.76mb High Density Internal Floppy Disk Drive
Battery doesn't work with no damage to motherboard
(only used to keep up with time when computer is off)
1 Seagate Medalist 4gb Harddrive Installed (Boots & runs FAST)
Internal HP 2x2x6x CDRW CDROM Drive
(5 Blank CDR Disks with Cases included)
with Audio cable hooked to internal Amiga audio
External Audio connectors work with CDROM drive audio!

Software Disks included are:
Amiga Version 3.0 - Install, Workbench, Extras, Fonts, Locale & Storage
AsimCDFS v3.10 CDROM Install Disk
MasterISO v2.5 CD Writing Software Install Disk
5 - Blank 700mb CDR Disks with Cases

Case has a few scratches and keyboard needs a little more cleaning,
otherwise ALL is in Excellent Condition and Works Great!

Power cord, Keyboard and Mouse included!

Guaranteed Against DOA!

Cyberstorm / Newtek Video Toaster / Flyer Ready!

Will try to double box when shipping.

Email me for pictures.

Asking $350.00 + shipping to anywhere in the US.
Sorry, but International shipping is not offered for this at this time.
Payment by Paypal preferred.

Contact: By email
City: Memphis, TN
Country: USA

08-05-2006, 11:14 AM