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07-25-2006, 08:35 PM
[NOTE - cross posted from the open beta forums not sure where people are looking now a days]
I have not tried to play with the CCTV shader since the early days of the open beta and for some reason its not working for me now. I have a simple scene set up with my Zando avatar character.
In the scene I have 2 'monitors' setup with a surface 'Monitor 1' and 'Monitor 2'.
On the Monitor 1 surface I have added the CCTV shader to it with these settings:
Camera: Camera 1
Type: TV
Fit To: None
Scale: 1
Background coloring: Background Color
Color Method: Base
Color Percent: 100%
Brigthness: 100%
Contrast: : 100%
Saturation: 100%

The second monitor surface is the same except using Camera 2.
See the image for reference.

I'm using classic camera's basically default settings, same on all three. Simple light setup. I have tried playing with all these settings, plus turning on/off Raytraced, Shadows, Reflection, Refraction and Transparency, adjusted Ray Recursion limit, tried 1 thread, 2 threads up to 8 threads. Tried most everything I can think of yet all I ever get are those black monitors shown on the rendered image. Other then the CCTV shader added I have a default setting for the two monitor surfaces; 100% Diffusion everything else 0%, no nodes.
Any clues as to whats happeneing?


07-26-2006, 04:41 AM
had the exact same problem here:devil: came up with the following:

first step i took was to make the c.c. camera the same dimensions as the monitor screen, i.e. if the screen is 500mm x 300mm, type in corresponding numbers into the camera width and height fields. my monitor was still black at this point! until...

i started messing with the fit to and scale fields in cctv. just like in proton's video i used fit to: object y-scale, but for scale i tried just cranking the number up and up and up. ended up with 150 typed into the scale field and i finally got what i was looking for: an image on the monitor!:D

oddly enough though, it was not what i was seeing through the cc camera view, so i had to rotate this camera a bit on its heading to render what i originally wanted on the monitor.

some of these steps might be particular to my scene, but it seems to me that the primary issue here is the scale field.

good luck!

07-26-2006, 06:15 PM
Thanks Moosedog. I figured out late last night. I had to do some major league black magic voodoo to get it up and running though. Cool idea but nastier then snot to set up. Learned tons about it in the process though. You are so right though, theres a majorly nasty dance you have to preform with the scaling to get it working. I found a strange releation with the CCTV's scale and the camera's zoom factor. Gotta experiment more with it and see whats really going on here. I just don't understand why the monitor surface does not really show what the camera sees. I'll be doing up a healthy tutorial on how to work with CCTV here real soon. Just some more dinking around to learn more about it first.

07-27-2006, 05:05 AM
cool! glad that worked out for you.

I just don't understand why the monitor surface does not really show what the camera sees.

to me, that's the real bugbear here. personally, i don't mind playing with numbers in boxes, but the disconnect between the camera view and the monitor surface is a real problem. any info you could share would be fantastic:thumbsup:

(i wonder if proton could share what he had to to beforehand to make his video demo go bing-bang-boom easy :help: )