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06-04-2003, 03:39 AM
I am tring to use a low poly count model to caculate the motion in MD. Then add that motion to a high polygon count model.

Here are the steps I am taking to do this.

1. I creat the low poly count model and the high poly count model. So they can sort of match in size.
2.Save each one as a seprated object one called low_poly & high_poly.
3. load low poly into Layout
4. add the MD Controller and make the MD motion.
5. Once it caculates the motion my object looks like a falling towel.
6. I then save my motion out from the MD_Controller. I named it mymotion.mdd
7. I add the MD_Scan from the Displacement window.
8. I double click and add the info it needs MDD Filename (I follow my path to where I saved my mymotion.mdd file.)
9. Click on ok
10. information Window Pops up (MD Scan Start) I hit ok
11. I look at my plugin and now it has information in there.(MD_Scan:settings:mymotion.mdd frame=61/61 ...)
12. So now I clear my scene. I load my high_poly.lwo
13.then I add MD_MetaPlugin and double click it.
14. I add the info it needs
----MDD Filename :settings:mymotion.mdd
----Cage Object :objects:low_poly.lwo
15. then i hit ok and nothing happens

So i am not sure what I am missing or is this process a bug on the mac?

And if it is a bug is there a good work around?

Anyone that has tried this and worked please tell me your secret.

Thanks again,
Jose Fonseca

Julian Johnson
06-04-2003, 07:34 AM
Hi Jose,

I've never been able to get MD_Metaplug to work in OSX and others have reported the same. Isn't the only workaround to do the calculation directly on your high res object and avoid using MD_Metaplug completely?


06-04-2003, 09:20 AM
Yeah, that adds on the caculation time. I guess thats the only way to do it. On the mac.

Oh, well just going to have to be patient.

Thanks Julian

06-04-2003, 10:53 AM
this one is old.. found this bug when I learned MD in LW6.5 or something. It hasn't been fixed since then:)