View Full Version : LightWave v9 Content Download Files

07-25-2006, 11:01 AM
LightWave_v9-Content.zip is the full royalty-free new content structure for LightWave v9. Please download it and unzip it to your LightWave v9 folder. It will create a folder called Content in that location.

LightWave_v9-Content_Addendum.zip adds files that were missing from the full download before 07/19/06 and modifies some that did not perform properly. If you downloaded the full content before that date, delete the StressMaps folder from your Content/Objects folder and then unzip this file over the top of your Content folder. It will replace some files and add somen new files in the correct places.

LightWave_v9-Manual_Content.zip is the content referenced in the Node Editor section of the Surfacing manual. You will probably want to place these files in the same content directory as the files above.