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07-22-2006, 01:50 PM
I'm trying to work with the Bodypaint 3D and LW 8 transfer, and there seem to be a lot of workarounds involved. Have been on the phone with Maxon, and they reproduced some problems, so if anyone needs help on the ones I know, just ask.

But here is the current problem, which needs to be solved on the LW side. Say you make separate UV maps in BP, for different surfaces on a single object. Then you send the object back to Lightwave. The separate UV maps come back as one UV map, with all the maps piled on top of each other. The mapping still seems to work with the painted textures, but this single-uv thing causes a need for yet another workaround to send the object back to BP (the UV maps don't come back properly into BP.)

What I'd like to know is, is there s simple method in LW8 to separate these UV maps (that are all layered on top of each other) into SEPARATE UV maps, with separate names, as they are supposed to be? I could laboriously do this (probably), but what a time-consuming workflow!

Does anyone have a good technique for this? Or a plugin that would help?


07-22-2006, 05:45 PM
well if anyone is interested, i found a reasonable solution. Good old F8 to the rescue.
Say you have a UV map from Bodypaint that has all the uv maps you want as individual maps, in a big layered mess, called UV_0...Here are the steps:
1. select a named surface that should contain one of the uv maps (w). it will be highlighted on the map UV_0 if you are looking at the UV view.
2. hide all the surfaces but the selected one. Now all you will see on UV_0 is the highlighted surface.
3. in F8 vertex maps, right-click on UV_0, and do 'copy map'. Name the new map copy, like, ARM_L
4. Unhide your surfaces, an, miraculously, the new Arm_L, has just the selected surfaces, still!
5. You can do this for each of the surfaces where you want it's UV map separated.
6. Finally, delete UV_0, cause you no longer need it.
7. the tedious part is you have to go reassign ALL the maps, for all the channels, to your new separate UVs, but it goes into Bodypaint, back and forth quite nicely now.

hope this is useful to someone else,

07-22-2006, 06:07 PM
Actually, this is helpful to me; I've encountered this type of problem but a different reason...in the course of my work, I'm given models that have been translated from a variety of formats using PolyTrans. PT will compile all the UV maps in a given object into a single map, resulting in the same thing you saw, namely, one UV map containing what appears to be a jumble of geometry. Up till now, I've been separating out the geometry in the manner you describe, using the Statistics panel to isolate the surfaces...but I've been cutting the geometry out, pasting into a new (temporary) object, renaming the UV map in this temp object, then cutting/pasting the polys back into the original object. Basically, I've been doing what you describe, via a different method. But your trick of using F8 will save me some steps; it's just a better way, really.

Thanks for sharing!


07-22-2006, 08:20 PM
Don, I was going to try exactly what you said, but thought I'd give this a try first -- glad it worked.

you're welcome,

07-23-2006, 04:01 AM
I always UV map & apply a basic surface / texture map in LW before I send to Bodypaint, and have had no problems at all doing it that way. I generally use multiple textures with a separate UV map for each group of surfaces.

UV mapping is a bit easier in LW than in BP IMO.

BTW, I am using BP V2.5 with the latest patches applied, but that shouldn't make any real difference (other than the tx of large files is better) to the workflow.

07-23-2006, 11:14 AM
I've found that BP has not liked UVs created in LW, but I haven't tried more than a couple objects that way. The objects I did try, the UVs were solid and simple enought to check for errors.

I'm just getting used to Bodypaint. At first it was difficult to get enough info on it to get into the UVs. Finally found out a couple things, and am now finding the UV tools really excellent. UV terrace, the interactive projections, and relax functions are great. Going back and forth between BP and LW, I can use the tools each one does best, and managed to get a full set of UVs for a character done and readable and well-tweaked in record time So I'm liking this connection now.

What you say mkiii would be a very good idea though, even if the UVs started in LW don't translate well into BP for some reason. I could always just generate quick UV maps in LW, and re-project them in BP, and presumably that would keep them separate.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try it!

07-23-2006, 11:27 AM
When I start a model a model from scratch, that's pretty much how I do it. I do the UV work in LW, use Surface Baker to make the base textures, then take these into Photoshop to get started. I always make a layer called "BodyPaint" at the place I want it in the stack and make sure that layer is selected when I'm actually in BP. So far, this system has worked out fine for me.

Never tried making UVs in BP...But I'm so accustomed to getting what I need straight from LW that I haven't had cause to try. Wonder if I'm missing anything...


07-23-2006, 11:31 AM
Meant to say I use mkiii's method...didn't think illusory would get a post in before I posted mine!

illusory, I've never had any problems with LW-generated UV maps in BP...done a bunch of objects this way and they've always appeared perfectly in BP. Can you be specific about what you're seeing?

07-24-2006, 06:14 AM
I find it odd that some people are having problems with LW UVs in BP. I always considered the problem to be the other way round, with BP modified UVs not updating properly in modeler. Odd.

Illusory: Are you using a Mac or PC? I wonder if that might explain the differences. Also, the different versions might have something to do with it. You say LW8 - can we assume that you mean 8.5 - because I would not be surprised if 8.0 had problems sending UV's - it had problems with them full stop.

I never had any problems with BP 2.0 & later versions of LW8.x, but they were mainly lowish (5 or 6k) poly game characters with 2 or 3 textures / UV maps.

Complex models with many textures & UV maps sometimes bombed out completely in BP up until the latest patch for 2.5, now it works v well. No UV problems or crashing (so far).