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07-21-2006, 06:38 AM
Hi all!
Would you like to know what kind of fool guy i am?
I have a licence (and a dongle) for lw7.5 (then upgraded up to 8.5).
I purchased a licence (and a newer dongle) for LW 8.5, as a preorder for LW9.0

When LW9.0 became downloadable (after the open beta I followed) I quickly go to NT Europe, downloaded the package, installed it, launched Modeler, obtained the lock ID, obtained the permanent key.......................... to discover that I locked LW9.0 to the same LW7.5->8.5 dongle.

Now I have two regular licences pointing to the same dongle!!!!!!!
The other one, maybe, I can use as a minnow for the bass (if I'll get an hook of right size)

For the moment I am in a painful negotiation with NT Europe to obtain another LW7.5->8.5 permanent key hooked to the newer dongle!

I imagine it's hard :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall:

07-21-2006, 08:22 AM
Thanks to the the www.lwita.com chief moderator I found a way to bypass the problem. It's legal and clean. In my opinion this thread should be closed. Thanks for the space.