View Full Version : GFX card settings?

07-19-2006, 04:55 AM
I've read a number of threads recently discussing LW stability and GFX cards, a few points that seem important from these threads. Note I don't know how true these statements are!

LW is fussy about your GFX card and it's driver/settings
LW likes Nvidia better than ATI
If your card isn't up to the job you can expect plenty of crashes.

People have suggested turning off hardware acceleration or altering driver settings if you're having difficulties with stability but of course they are mainly aimed at Windows users. Mac drivers don't seem to offer as many settings, in fact until recently i didn't have any options at all!

I don't have any serious stability problems with LW9 but it does crash occasionally and I have a lousy GFX card! I thought I'd experiment with some GFX settings, the problem is I've no idea how to set them up!

1) Is there any way to turn off hardware acceleration on Mac? There doesn't seem to be on my eMac

2) I've attached a screengrab of my ATI card options, any suggestions how I should set it up?

Thanks for any help! - Baz