View Full Version : Toaster won't open-Exception Handling

06-03-2003, 02:26 PM
I had toaster (V2) up and running working in Toaster Edit. Looking for a file, noticed some old files I wanted to delete. Started to delete them and at some point, Toaster crashed. So I try to open it back up and get a "Exception Handling" alert. I went into Norton and recovered everything that I had tossed and
now when I try to open VT a box comes up saying "AssetList::Error Reading AssetElement from Stream". I click "okay"- the same box comes up again. I click "okay" again and it almost looks like it'll open up then the "Exception Handling" box comes up again. I click "okay" on that box and I lose it all together and I'm back to the desktop. HELPPPPP!!!!!!!